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I recently had the pleasure of listening to a rebroadcast of an interesting story on the benefits, misconceptions, perils and other aspects of bats.  It was a December 2013 Viewpoints radio broadcast entitled:

Bats! Why they're important and how we can preserve their habitats

(Scroll about halfway down the page after clicking this link).

The 2 guests on the show were Jodi Sedlock, Assoc. Professor of Biology specializing in bats, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI and Don Mitchell, author of “Flying Blind: One man’s adventures battling buckthorn, making peace with authority, and creating a home for endangered bats."  She mentioned that bats have few offspring and feed primarily on insects in the evening.  White nose syndrome is a fungus that has killed about 7 million bats in the US.  The Indiana bat and other species of bats are on the endangered species list in many Midwestern states.

Don Mitchell specializes in creating habitat for these endangered, beneficial mammals. 

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